Monday 19 October 2020

Rokhbaf – The Warp and Weft of Dream Moments

The Warp and Weft of Dream Moments


Rokhbaf Company initiated its professional activities formally in 2014. This group based on twelve-year experiences of its institutors to trade and knit the handmade carpets and having various facilities in value chain for designing, dyeing and weaving convened an engineering team in both technical and managerial fields. The team formulated the strategic plan and started its initiatives step by step from idea to product and has continuously attempted to identify and apply the best practices

At present, Rokhbaf Company with experienced experts, certified knitters and powerful managers is able to design and deliver the products up to the highest quality and fully customized within the least period of time, compared with market normal rate. Elevating technical knowledge associated with mass customization, using high-grade strings, the most advanced methodologies of dyeing up to maximum color spectrum and the most lasting material, high speed in designing and weaving are included the most achievements of the

company’s committed personnel

We are going to promote original art of Iranian people from cultural perspective and develop entrepreneurship and grow organizational knowledge from economic perspective to share in growth and

maturity of our beloved country